Home-Based Jobs, Flexible Timings and Real Money-Seize The Opportunities


House-hold commitments often compel moms and dads to stay at home though the need for earning money has not come down. Home-tied parents like you can do online jobs from the comfort of your home using the time when your children are on your lap or away at school, asleep or playing. Some typical home-based jobs are discussed here. All that you need is a computer, computer knowledge, internet and sociable skill.

1. Design custom T-shirts:
You can design T-shirts for a fee. “Teespring” produces and sells them.

2. View Text ads on your phone:
You can earn for registration and for messages. “FreeEats.com” organizes this.

3. Sell service:
Logo designs and writing letters are accepted by “Fiverr.” Write and earn.

4. Sell used clothes:
Despatch your good used clothes to “ThreadUP” for a cost.

5. Try new products:
Try the new products and services of companies like “Cashcrate.” They pay you.

6. Host a dinner and earn:
Using your culinary skills, you can serve food and earn. Contact “EatWith.”

7. Rent out your Garage or Driveway:
Allow parking of vehicles in your free Garage and Driveway. “JustPark” pays you.

8. Rent out your car:
You can rent out your car through RelayRides and earn money.

9. Renting out a room:
You can rent out your vacant room through “Airbnb” and earn money.

10. Drive people around:
Driving customers in your car, you can earn through tie-up with Lyft.

11. Listen to music:
Listen to music and furnish reviews at “Slicethepie” which brings money.

12. Be a friend:
Contact “Rent a Friend” and offer your companionship for a fee. Also, teach baking and show the town around.

13. Set up online store:
Set up online stores from home and sell merchandise.

Home-Based Jobsimage credit: virtualvocations.com

14. Share your opinion:
Take surveys and get paid. Contact Opinion Outpost and Vindale Research.

15. Write articles:
Contact ArticleSale.com and ConstantContent.com and write articles for payment.

16. Freelance writing:
“Elance” entertains freelance writing. Write and earn.

17. Maintain blogs:
Maintaining blogs, you can feature information for a charge.

18. Affiliate marketing:
You promote others’ products and get commission by getting ad links.

19. Shop online:
As you shop, you get cash back.

20. Be a Field Agent:
Checking prices and bar codes, and making surveys get you money. Contact “Field Agent.”

21. Find and post odd jobs:
Walking dogs and landscaping are some odd jobs. You can contact “Craiglist.”

22. Arrange Drop Shipping:
In selling, you take the difference between the cost price and the marked price.

23. Teach online course:
Teach subjects and earn money. Contact Udemy or SkillFeed.

24. Selling old mobiles:
Clean your house and you’ll spot obsolete cell phones.

25. Clearing the clutter:
When you clear old things, you’ll find unwanted things. Sell them.

26. Product reviews and payment:
You can write reviews and get paid. Contact Epinions.com and ReviewStream.com.

27. Be a Looker:
Contact WeGoLook and verify items by taking pictures and doing background check.

28. Sell your old CDs and Movies:
“Declutter” helps you to sell the unwanted items.

29. Take selfies and get paid:
Contact “Stylinity.”. Take selfies of your outfits, and despatch photos and product details to the company. You get paid for a sale.

30. Take photos with your iPhone or Android:
Download “Gigwalk app,” take photos of items and sell them.

31. Typing:
Contact “SpeakWrite” and type out spoken audio for a fee.

32. Be a Mystery Shopper:
Become a Mystery Shopper, and get paid to eat and shop for free at outlets (for research purpose).

33. Babysit:
You can do babysitting for a cost. Contact “SitterCity” and “Care.”

34. Test Websites:
Verify Websites and offer feedback. You are paid.

35. Take photos and sell them:
Take digital photos. Sites like Shutterstock buy them.

36. Send your scanned cash receipts:
Buy articles, scan the barcodes and send photos of the receipts. You receive a cash back through “Ibotta.”

37. Teach a language:
You can teach languages. You’re paid through “Italki.”

38. Sell trinkets, crafts etc.:
Become an Etsy Seller and sell your items online.

39. Sell your old books:
Contact “BooksCouter.com” and you can sell your old books for cash.

40. Clear your Garage/Yard:
Clean your above place and sell the unwanted car and garden-related items.